Red Alert

Managed IT Services

What are Managed IT services?

Managed It Services is a service provided by an MSP (Managed Service Provider) who proactively takes care of your IT infrastructure. The MSP monitors your network catching issues that have risen up over time and addresses them before they become an IT disaster. This is accomplished through daily network monitoring with alerts, preventative maintenance, and proper network planning. Down time is most often eliminated or minimized during production hours due to the continuous care of your IT assets by the MSP. If continuity is important to the operation of your business, then outsourcing your IT services to Red Alert is the solution for you.

Advantages of a Managed IT service


With a well documented IT infrastructure, policies, and business processes, you become more organized and efficient in resolving problems, and managing your business. Part of a Managed Service is providing the customer with good sound documentation so they can make more informed business decisions, and resolve problems much quicker. Regular network status reports are also performed for the customer. This is a service we provide the client on a Managed Services Agreement.

Provides Assurance and peace of mind

Using an MSP will allow you to sleep at night knowing your data and network are taken care of. In addition, when something does slip through the cracks you have priority support through a dependable and experienced IT team that you can contact immediately who are ready to take your call and start the resolution process.

Helps Control costs

We all know that if you do not maintain your vehicle such as getting regular oil changes, checking the wear on the brake pads, and making sure you have enough tire tread and air pressure that your vehicle will start to perform poorly and become very costly if you wait for something to just eventually break. This is similar with your IT assets. If you don't maintain them you are apt to pay higher costs in the end for more expensive repairs and employee down-time. It is very important for a business to be as cost-effective as possible. Therefore, Managed Services helps to control costs by allowing IT professionals to perform regular checkups and prevent expensive repair bills from happening in the first place.

You will also save on employee costs as you would not need to hire a full time employee for this role. In-house IT staff is more than twice as costly compared to outsource IT and are a single point of failure during vacations and other leaves of absence.

Allows you to keep current

Hardware and software components of IT systems are constantly evolving. Businesses with limited knowledge and in-house resources may find themselves falling behind after some time. Managed Services enables you to take advantage of the latest IT solutions at a fraction of the cost so you can provide the best possible service to your clients in return.

Gives you a better, and more dependable IT infrastructure

Whether it's better cabling, server optimization, optimized network services, or more efficient and stable backups, a Managed IT service will ensure your infrastructure is working optimally and properly so you can be more productive, be less frustrated, and be confident that your IT assets are working for you the way they should with very little to no interruptions.

Increased Efficiency

A reactive approach to maintaining the backbone that runs your business every day is very inefficient. It is important to stay on top of your IT assets through daily monitoring to maintain business continuity, and stay competitive. Don't wait hours and pay high costs through a break-and-fix plan. A proactive approach will serve the needs of your business better in this fast paced society where we want things working yesterday. Focus on what you do best, and leave the IT problems to the professionals through a Managed Services agreement.

Reduced Downtime & Risk

An MSP can determine if a failure is imminent and begin the remediation process right away to prevent the failure from occurring in the first place. This will clearly reduce or eliminate any downtime especially during production hours, and reduce the risk of higher repair costs, or data loss.
Data loss through incomplete and unreliable backups can be a catastrophic impact on your business. Red Alert will ensure this will not happen through daily monitoring and alerts, and regular checkups.

Assets Inventory, Reports, History

Through the monitoring and scanning processes performed by the software we provide at no charge, your network devices and software are inventoried into a small database upon which can be used to plan for proper migrations, upgrades, patch management, compliance, asset tracking, Reporting, custom reports, history tracking, and much more. This information is an invaluable benefit when on a Managed Services agreement.

Up-to-Date Patch Management

It is critical in an evolving IT industry to ensure your systems are secure as possible and one way to be sure this is accomplished is through patch management. With a Managed Service Agreement, we can keep on top of what systems require critical updates and implement them in a timely fashion. Software such as Windows OS, device firmware, and various vendor software would fall into this category.

Better Understanding of the Infrastructure

An MSP is able to take the time to learn your network, and business processes. This makes for quicker resolutions to IT issues, and for better IT consulting solutions. The little things are often ignored or not monitored by SMB organizations due to lack of knowledge, time, and resources. This can result in a negative impact in the performance and stability of your IT infrastructure over time and in turn trickle down and indirectly affect your customers. Along with pre-existing understanding of the infrastructure, and the technical expertise of an MSP, you can be assured even the little, but very important things, will be taken care of.

Service Level Agreements

Having a common understanding about services, priorities, responsibilities, guarantees, and warranties are important and this is accomplished in addition to the Managed Services Agreement.
Utilizing an SLA we can customize the service to suit your specific requirements with topics such as response times, days or times we need to be onsite, rates, etc.