Red Alert

Branch Office Connectivity

Red Alert connectivity solutions enable companies with multiple offices to drastically cut telecom costs by adding VoIP capabilities to their existing data network.

These solutions enable:

  • Quick & simple mobile integration throughout the organization
  • Cost-savings opportunities presented by cellular and VoIP technologies
  • Uncompromised voice quality without changing existing infrastructure
  • Maintaining business communication patterns
  • Risk-free, cost-effective and highly adaptable solution to implementing VoIP on their existing IP infrastructure.

Optimal call attendance and more efficient call handling and customer service By deploying any one of Red Alert’s connectivity solutions, remote offices can easily be connected to corporate headquarters via the WAN, allowing free interoffice calling instead of expensive long-distance calls between offices. Further cost reductions can be achieved by combining a cellular interface within the VoIP Gateways; allowing for low cost mobile-to-mobile calls.

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